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Our Lady Catholic Primary School

Our Lady Catholic
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 Recent News

October 2018

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September 2018

Well done to team 'Portugal' and all their sportsmanship at the NHSSP Legacy Event. Especially the Boccia team who came third. See the Club/Sports Gallery for pictures.

June 2018

Our Lady School was First place in the Hitchin big Schools Competition. See below in Results.

Bishops Cup - Winners in the Netball and 2nd in Football. Well done to one and all!


February 2018

Comet Sports Awards

During Half Term, Miss Knight and the Bronze Ambassadors, Adam and Jess attended the Comet Sports Awards evening, the school were short listed as Primary school of the year for P.E. After a few long speeches from other award winners, it was time for our award, although we didn't win, we were finalists and received a certificate and had our photo taken for the Newspaper.

January 2018

Our Lady Catholic Primary School  have been nominated as finalists
for the Comet Sports Award 2017/2018.

December 2017

Great News! We have won the Hertfordshire Service to Sport Award - Primary School of the Year 2017. Number 1 for the third year in a row.



 Upcoming Competitions

 Results 2017 - 2018

Athletics - June 2018

On June 19th  a total of 45 children went to the Boys School for the Hitchin Athletics Tournament. It was a busy morning of field and track events. All the children ran, threw or jumped brilliantly which lead to us coming in First place! Well done team we couldn’t have been prouder of you all.

Tri Golf - May 2018

Y3 & 4 Tri Golf Competition Tuesday 1st May

I had lots of fun and all my friends were there too. we played 8 different games, my favourite games was 'hit the target' we had to try and get the ball onto the target and different areas were worth different points. we all learnt how to do something we had never done before. The most important thing is that we all had fun including me.

By Emma Y3


Key Steps Gymnastics - 27th February 2018

It was an early start for our gymnasts ( Miss Knight & Mrs Marcantonio included!) all the children arrived from 8am to get their hair plaited and ready for the competition on Tuesday 27th February. With 3 teams attending there were lots of nerves and excitement, a big thank you to Mrs Marcantonio, Mrs Manning-Rodao & Mrs Russell for helping with the 15 girls who needed their hair doing. Once the leotards were on and glitter applied, we made our way over to the Priory school. Once we were there we warmed up, found out our teams and got ready to compete, for both KS1 and KS2 the vault was up first. The Royals went first, followed by the Navys, both teams did very well, showing great posture and control for KS2, KS1 were at the other end of the Hall with Mrs Marcantonio, perfecting their pointed toes and big smiles. Next for the KS2 teams were the body management and Floor routines, each child performed individually and the scores were added up. KS1 were next to perform their floor routine, to the song #thatPower by the children performed brilliantly and tried their very best.

Over all out teams did very well, the KS1 Team came 2nd out of 8 schools, narrowly missing out on qualifying for the counties. KS2 Royals team came 6th out of 9 and the Navys came 1st, and qualified for the county finals on the 21st March. Special Mentions go to Dottie in Ks1, Isla H in the Royals, and Matteo for the Navys.

On Friday 7th July 2017 15 children from Year 1 – Year 4 attended the County Finals in Gymnastics at Oaklands College in St Albans. After an amazing opening ceremony where they got to watch a basketball trick player the children set off for the gymnastics arena. They were all excited and glittery and could not wait to get started. The morning started with KS1 performing. They warmed up and produced the best performance yet, all in time and with the music – unfortunately their outstanding routine was not enough to win but they did come in a celebratory 3rd place winning bronze medals and getting their photograph on the stage.

KS2 were in the afternoon, again they all performed some fantastic floor and vault pieces, with excellent body composition and control. They narrowly missed out on a medal place coming in 4th place – well done team.
A huge thank you to the parents for taking and supporting the children during the day, and a huge congratulations to all the children – we could not have been prouder of how you all represented the school.

On the 2nd May we took 22 children across to the Priory School for the Key Steps

Gymnastics Competition. It was a busy morning of children arriving at school from 8am to have their hair done and to have a final run through - especially for KS1 team who had to make changes to their routine last minute. All the children were excited as we left for the competition, and what an excellent competition it was. There was an exceptional standard of gymnastics performed by all schools, with some lovely performances. The results were brilliant - Key Stage 2 B team came 2nd, Key Stage 2 A team came 1st and are now going to county finals in July. Key Stage 1 did their best performance to date and came 1st too, another team through to County Finals. Well done teams!
KS2 A team gymnast - Charlotte
KS2 B team gymnast - India
KS1 Gymnast - Lachlan




Football 2017 - 2018

Girls Football - 5th October - WIX Cup

Well done to the Girls who won their match.

Girls Football Team

Year 4 football Rally - 7th March 2018

On Wednesday the 7th March 2018, Mrs Kinsella took a group of year 4 boys to Whitehill school to play in the football rally, all the boys played well and the results were good, 3 wins and 3 draws, well done boys!

Football Wix Cup Final - 9th March 2018

Well done to the boys football team, winning the Wix cup final 3-2 against St Ippolyts. Both teams played very well in very tough conditions. Well deserved Boys, Congratulations!

Football Results
25.01.18 - A home match against Ickleford - a draw 1-1
17.10.17 - An away match with Purwell - A team 3-0, B team 3-0
20.11.17 - A home match against Wilshere-Dacre - a draw 1-1
12.10.17 ESFA Tournament - Winners
02.10.17 - WIX Cup  home match against Weston - Win 1-0
25.09.17 - A & B Team match away at Weston - A team 2-0, B team 3-0
11.09.17 - A home A team match against Oughton - Win 10-0

Miss Knight took some Year 4 and 3's to the Premier Sport football tournament on the 2nd May 2017. There was some lovely football being played by all. The matches were tough winning one and losing one. We came second in our group - well done team.

Players of the tournament - Nico and Marvin


 Sports Festival 2018

Y3 & 4 Sports Festival Tuesday 17th April

Me and 4 other year 4's went to a sports festival at Highfield School, we were going to play lots of sporty games. A lady called Jay was the leader and in charge of what games we were going to play. we paired up with one school and they were very nice. there were 9 schools there from North Herts, it was a hot day so we were allowed to have a drink break in between games. Bigger children from Highfield guided us around the games and showed us what to do. Miss Knight was with us to and helped us. we played playground games, tennis, football, hockey and athletics.

We enjoyed ourselves so much! my favourite was playground games, our warm up was fun and I had to fill up my water bottle again! in football I stood in the middle of the circle and everyone had to try and stop the ball from going out. I had a great time and when Year 3 get to do it next year I hope they have fun too. Thank you Jay & Miss Knight! Highfield was a great school and I even made new friends from different schools who were very nice. I learnt a lot, like that it isn't just about sport but believing myself because now I feel sporty and its fun!!


By Eve Y4

We went to Highfield school to play lots of different sports. In Tennis we split up into 2 groups, and had to do different things with the ball and racket to show our control. Jay was the leader and told us all about the different sports we were going to do. Miss Knight came with us to give us extra support and to look after us, we played playground games, tennis, football, hockey and athletics. 

By Evie Y4 

 Tag Rugby

Tag Rugby Festival

On Thursday 8th February, Miss Knight, Mrs Marcantonio and 20 year 5 and 6's went to the Letchworth Rugby Club for a day full of Tag Rugby Games. As this was a Festival there were no scores, our teams showed great sportsmanship to every team they played and showed they could work together well and support every member of both teams. The children were amazing representatives for the school and many other parents/staff complimented on the great behaviour and attitude.


 Speed Stacking Competition - April 2018

Speed Stacking Competition Tuesday 24th April

Miss Knight took a big group of us to the speed stacking competition at Knights Templar School, there were 2 teams; A & B. We had lots of practices and then it was time for the competition, we were all so nervous! Well all did really well and the A teams fastest time was 1 minutes 22 seconds and we came 5th, we all tried our best and had so much fun.

By Amelia & Morgan Y4

First we had a practice run with the whole team, then we had an individual practice which they also timed for us, mine was 7.83 seconds. then it was time for the real thing, our fastest time was 1 minute 28 seconds and we came 9th. I like doing the individual stacking the most because I felt more confident. I enjoyed going to the Speed Stacking competition because I had never been to one before.

By Eloise Y4

2 Teams went to the speed stacking and we had so much fun, we came 9th and the other team came 5th. first we had lots of practices and then it was the real thing to see which team and which child had the fastest times. we were very happy when we came home and had very big smiles on our faces.

By Isla Y4




B Team Netball Rally - Wednesday 9th May

On Wednesday, we went to Highover school to compete in the B Team Rally, when we got there we had found out the order of play had changed so we had to play everyone and see how many points we could score. we had a tough start, but soon got better and started working as a team, and talking to each other. Our last match was good, we were up against Highover who had done very well in all their games, and it was down to this game as to who would place where, we won 2-1 which meant we finished in 4th place.

By Matilda Y6

A Team Netball Rally Saturday 28th April

On Saturday, we went to Whitehill School to compete in the Netball Rally, we played lots of games, and tried our very best, we worked well as a team and even helped other teams out when they were missing players or weren't quite sure what to do or where to go. We got to the semi finals and narrowly lost to William Ransom. The most important thing was that we enjoyed ourselves and never gave up.

By Emelia Y6

Netball Match - 22nd February 2018

After school on Thursday 22nd February we hosted match for our A & B Teams against St Ippolyts. Both teams played very well, A team won 8-1 and B Team lost 1-0.



 Cross Country Competition - Latest News

Hertfordshire Schools' Athletics Association Primary Cross Country Championships 

On Saturday 3rd February, Miss Knight and a handful of Year 5 & 6's went down to St Albans to compete for the school in the Cross Country Championships. After a quick warm up ( thanks Parents!) it was time to start the races, Y6 Boys were first and Adam finish 55th out of over 300 children, Next were the Y6 girls, Rosa finished 39th, Violet 48th and Aine 80th out of over 150 children. Now it was time for the Year 5's, in the boys race GianLuca Finished 23rd out of over 300 and in the girls race Charlotte finished 89th and Naomi finished 44th out of over 150. All did extremely well in the tough muddy conditions. Special mention goes to Naomi after losing her shoe half way through the race she finished her race in style with one shoe on and one shoe off!

Well done to those children who attended the Cross Country Competition on 3rd February 2018 at St Albans.


Adam M - Y6  - came 55th out of over 300

GianLuca - Y5  - came 23rd out of over 300

Naomi - Y5  - came 44th out of over 150

Charlotte - Y5  - came 89th out of over 150

Rosa - Y6 - came 39th out of over 150

Violet - Y6 - came 48th out of over 150

Aine - Y6 - came 80th out of over 150

Well done to you all!

On Tuesday 17th October six year 6 children, nine year 5 children and one year 4 attended the North Herts Cross Country competition held at Knightstemplar School on Baldock. The team had a great afternoon running the challenging cross country course. All did well in the respective competitions, running against 17 other schools. We don't have the current results for all the teams but we do know that the Year 6 Girls team (including one Year 5 girl) came in 1st place overall with some fantastic positions of 3rd, 8th, 16th and 17th! Well done girls. 



Tennis - May 2018

Mini Tennis Competition Tuesday 8th May

There were 17 schools split up into 4 groups, so there were lots of games to play, we played really well and nearly won all our matches. We came second in our group, just missing out on the semi finals. it was a shame we didn't go through, but we all still had fun and we learnt that even though sometimes you lose, you learn a new skill and sport, we tried very hard to win but we know we cant win all the time.

By G Y4

 Indoor Athletics

Indoor Athletics Finals - 20th February 2018

Afterschool on Tuesday 20th February, we made our way to the Hitchin Girls School to compete in the finals for the Indoor Athletics, this was the first event held in the newly built sports Hall, this round was tough, all the children did their best and we came 5th and 4th, This was the first time we had ever got both teams through and this was a great achievement for the school! Special mentions go to Chideraa and Isabelle.


Indoor Athletics - 1st February 2018

On Thursday 1st February, we took our Girls and Boys Indoor Athletics teams to the Hitchin Boys School to compete against 6 other schools. After taking part in all the field and track events and trying our very best both teams came second and qualified for the next round of competition! This is a great accomplishment for both teams as this is the very first time we have got both teams through to the next round. Special Mention to Adam & Ethan on their very impressive 6 lap Paarluf Race!






 Hockey Competition

Hockey - 6th March 2018

Afterschool on the 6th March Miss Knight and 2 teams of Year 5 & 6's and 1 year 4 went over to the Hitchin Boys School to compete in the Hockey Competition. We were all ready for some good games of hockey after some training from Mr Gaunt on Sunday afternoon, the B Team were with Miss Knight and played their best against some really tough schools, ending up 8th out of 16 schools. The A Team were with Mr Gaunt and won all their matches and played William Ransom in the final winning 2-1! The A Team qualify for the county finals, another great achievement for the school. Special Mentions go to Nico in the B Team and Ethan in the A Team, and also a big thank you for Mr Gaunt for taking time out to help our teams.