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Our Lady Catholic Primary School

Our Lady Catholic
Primary School

Extra Curricular Clubs / Sports

Extended Learning Opportunities - Autumn 2018

We offer a full range of extended learning opportunities each term.  The Autumn 2018 club list will be updated soon.

Day Dates Time Club Group Cost Led By Area

17 Sept -26 Nov

3.15-4.15pm KS1 Cheerleading Y1-Y2 £20

Miss Knight

  17 Sept- 26 Nov 3.15-4.15pm Y1 & Y2 Football Y1-Y2 £20 Mrs Marcantonio & Mrs Kinsella Field
  24 Sept -10 Dec 3.15-4.15pm Mother Nature Science Y1-Y6 £78.00 Mother Nature Y4 classroom
18 Sept- 27 Nov 3.15-4.15pm Y3 & Y4 Football Y3-Y4 £20 Mrs Kinsella Field
  18 Sept-27 Nov 3.15-4.15pm Hang Swing Club YR-Y2 £20 Miss Knight & Mrs Marcantonio KS1  p'ground
  18 Sept-27 Nov 3.15-4.15pm Y5 & Y6 Football Y5-Y6 £20 Mr Pryde Field
  13 Nov -11 Dec 3.15-4.15pm Y3 & Y4 Art Club Y3-Y4 £15 Mrs Gerrard Y4 classroom
19 Sept-28 Nov 3.15-4.15pm Cross Country Y2-Y6 £20 Miss Knight & Mrs Kinsella Field
Thursday 20 Sept - 29 Nov 3.15-4.15pm Mad Science Y1-Y6 £82 Mad Science Y2 classroom
  20 Sept -29 Nov 3.15-4.15pm Y5 & Y6 Netball Y5-Y6 £20 Miss Knight KS2 p'ground
  20 Sept -29 Nov 3.15-4.15pm Activity Club YR-Y2 £20 Mrs Kinsella KS1 p'ground
Friday 21 Sept -14 Dec 3.15-4.15pm Fencing YR-Y6 £56 Premier Sport Hall

Permission and payment can be made through ParentPay for all school led clubs. Payment for Mad Science and Fencing Club should be made on the following websites.

Fencing Club: Premier Sport:

Mother Nature Science Club:

Mad Science Club: Places and payment for this club can be made on their website.

FREE LUNCHTIME CLUBS: Speed Stacking on Tuesday, Boccia on Wednesday.  No need to book, children can just turn up 12.15-12.45pm


Places will be allocated on a first come basis. Please note, places cannot be guaranteed unless payment has been made on ParentPayor directly with outside providers.

To make an electronic payment please visit the ParentPay website by clicking the following link:

Outside Providers

Day Dates Time Club Group Cost Led by Area
Monday 24 Sept-10 Dec 3.15pm - 4.15pm Mother Nature YR - Y6 £78 Mother Nature Y4
Monday Sept




Number 7 Music Y1- Y6 TBC Number 7 Music Music Room
Thursday 20 Sept -  29 Nov 3.15pm - 4.15pm Mad Science Y1 - Y6 £80 Mad Science Y2
Friday 21 Sept - 14 Dec 3.15pm - 4.15pm Fencing YR-Y6 £56 Premier Sport Hall

Number 7 Music Club:

Fencing Club: Premier Sport:

Mad Science club: Places and payment for this club can be made on their website.

Places are limited, so please return your enrolment form and subs as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

Breakfast Club - please see below for relevant forms/information