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Our Lady Catholic Primary School

Our Lady Catholic
Primary School


Geography at Our Ladys - 2015/16

This academic year we have learnt plenty of new and exciting things about the world we live in. This is a little snapshot of what we did:


Geography Champion in Year 1 – Gianluca

In Year 1, we have been learning about the UK. Oul Ladys School is in the UK (England) where the capital city is London. The capital city of Scotland is Edinburgh. The capital city of Wales is Cardiff and the capital city of Northern Ireland is Belfast.


Geography Champion in Year 2 - Sam

In Year 2 we talked about the coldest places in the world: Arctic and Antarctica! We explored the land and its animals. We now know that it is best to pack up your warmest clothes if you planning to visit those freezing places!


Geography Champion in Year 3 - Patrick

In Year 3, we have been on an amazing journey and have travelled around the world! Visitors from different places told us about their home country. During this trip, we have visited Spain, Poland, Canada, Nigeria, Brazil and many other places. We have created wonderful ‘All around the World’ books.


Geography Champion in Year 4 – Zac

In Year 4 we learnt about Italy.  We interviewed the parents who come from Italy to find out more about the country. We also planned a route from Hitchin to Rome using the Internet research and made some posters.


Geography Champion in Year 5 – Erin-Mae

In Year 5, we have been learning about Costa Rica. We made 3D models of physical maps to show the features of the country such as: mountains, volcanoes, bordering countries and the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.


Geography Champion in Year 6 – Alexandra

In year 6 we went on a residential trip to Alfriston.  We learnt how to star gaze and we also learnt about the Cuckmere River. The Seven Sisters country park is a designated site famous for its chalk cliffs and grassland.