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Our Lady Catholic Primary School

Our Lady Catholic
Primary School

Year 3 


 Year 3 Homework - week beginning 18th March 2019

All children are expected to spend 20 minutes on each piece of homework and read daily at home.  Please do not worry if your child has already spent 20 minutes on a task and has not completed it.  Any queries, please let me know via your child’s homework diary or come and speak to me. Thank you, Mrs Marinho.

Year 3 Homework

Spellings and tables will be tested on Fridays

  • Spellings –Learn spellings on the sheet for a test on Monday. You will have 5 words from Statutory Word List for Y3 and Y4 highlighted. Those are the words that you need to learn. If you can spell these words confidently, I would like you to write a sentence with each of them.
  • Times Tables – keep on practising times tables up to 12.
  • Easter Production – please learn lyrics for our ‘Good News’ Easter Production.
  • RE – In RE we have been learning about Lent. Please write down what will you be giving up or what new thing will you be taking on for the duration of this Lent? You can add a picture and label it. Make sure you include the reason / reasons why this is important to you.

    Don’t forget to read every night!

Can I also remind parents to sign their child’s homework diary by Friday and record their daily reading there, please?  I sign all h/w diaries on Friday.                   Thank you


 Year 3 Homework Timetable/Information

Year 3 – General Homework Reminders

Y3 homework going out every week :
  1. Spellings
  2. Times tables
  3. And Maths or Writing ( this would be RE or English ) and is one week Maths one week Writing.
The children  have a big A4 Homework Book where their Maths or wiring goes and spellings are on a separate sheet.
Homework diaries/Reading Record Books
These two are combined into one book in Juniors:  a homework diary. 
Reading is an integral part of the homework policy- 20 minutes every evening with some supervision.  Reading must be recorded in the homework diaries for us to keep track of the books the children read at home, at school (during guided reading sessions with the teacher) and their progress through the year.
Please remember to sign and date your child/children’s homework diaries by the end of each week.  This will let me know that you are aware of the homework set and that it has been completed.   
Homework diaries should be used as a way of communicating with each other.  I aim to check the diaries twice a week, but please ask your child to let me know when you write a note in it for me so I get to read it as soon as possible.
Completion of homework
Please note that homework is not optional.  All homework must be completed neatly and handed in on time.  However, if your child is unable to carry out a piece of homework due to illness or any other circumstance, please let us know. 
The allocated time per task in Year 3 is 20 minutes.  We will always try our best to set a balanced amount of homework, e.g. if the writing task might take a little longer then the science or maths task may be shorter.   If your child finds a particular piece of homework difficult, please work through it with him/her for the length of the time stated and either sign at the bottom of the piece of homework or write a note in the homework diary for us.
Many thanks for your help.