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Our Lady Catholic Primary School

Our Lady Catholic
Primary School

Year 6 


 Year 6 Homework - week beginning 23.04.18

Year 6 Homework- Week 23.04.18

We will be having a mock SATs week commencing on 23rd April. The children have been advised to come prepared with the following equipment: A clear pencil case, two pens, a sharp pencil, a ruler and a rubber. Thank you.

Spellings and tables will be tested on Fridays

  • SpellingsSheet to practise new words will go home with your child/children every Monday. This sheet should be completed throughout the week and brought into school on Friday.  Learn the spellings on the sheet for a test on Friday.  The number of words will vary every week, depending of level of difficulty.  If your child can spell these words confidently, I would like them to write sentences or a short paragraph with them (extension). Children with spelling support will need to concentrate on their individual spellings instead.
  • Times tables- Learn/revise your times tables (up to x12) for a test on Friday.  Most children are confident in Y6 with their times tables and their related division facts, if your child/children are still learning any of these times-tables, they will be tested on the specific table they need until they are confident to move on. To improve their speed and knowledge they can practise online, using Table Trees or Hit the Button.
  • Maths- work to be handed in on Wednesday 25thApril- Children who are working in the CGP Arithmetic book, complete any corrections in red pen and work to the end of the book.

    Children who are working in the CGP Additional Maths book complete Pages 55 -73.

    Work through the reasoning Quiz.  Protractors and mirrors have been provided for this activity.  Please ensure these school resources are looked after and returned.  A signing out/in sheet will be completed for this. 

    Challenge yourselves and solve the Maths Mystery using the clues provided.

    Remember neat presentation and to show working out. Use any spare time to log onto My Maths to revise topics covered.  .

  • SPAG –Due date: Monday 23rdApril - Continue to work in your Achieve booklets completing the next six pages (minimum). There are two  tests to complete: Test D and Test E. Remember to use another tab on the internet to revise terminology that you do not recall. Complete the 10 minute SPaG test and record your time!

    book_twocolorDon’t forget to read every night!

Can I also remind parents to sign their child’s homework diary by Friday and record their daily reading there, please?       H/W diaries will be signed on Fridays.  Thank you.

 Year 6 Homework timetable/Information

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Reading

Spellings AND times tables on Monday for a test on Friday 
(16 spellings)

40 mins for Weds

40 mins for Thurs


40 mins combined with Thurs 40mins for the following Monday.

20 minutes every day  

General Class Information

We would like to extend the amount of time Y5 & Y6 pupils can play on the school field during the winter months. To accommodate this we would ask parents to provide an old track suit and old trainers that can be kept in school during this time. Only pupils with a spare set of clothes will be allowed on the field.