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Our Lady Catholic Primary School

Our Lady Catholic
Primary School


Bienvenidos al colegio “Our Lady”. 
Aquí hablamos español

Spanish has been taught at Our Lady School since 2005 on a weekly basis. 

With language learning made a compulsory part of the curriculum for all children between seven and eleven in September 2014, teachers became more involved in the teaching of the subject in their own classes. 

Pupils at KS1 have an early introduction to Spanish to prepare them for KS2 through songs, games and basic vocabulary.  Class teachers reinforce language learning and make cross-curricular links at different points throughout the year.  All pupils at KS2 receive a 30 minute Spanish lesson every week.

Children are enjoying and gaining pride in expressing themselves and interacting with their own class teachers in Spanish, as well as in their Spanish lessons.  They are starting to use language for real purposes in daily classroom routines, therefore enriching the entire curriculum.  Everyone involved thoroughly enjoys learning and teaching the subject.   It is fantastic to see pupils’ confidence grow and their cultural awareness increase.

We have worked in partnership with a school in Spain for many years and our children often exchange work and letters with their pupils. Children at Our Lady are awarded ‘Spanish points’ during the week, for their language skills, which are collected termly. The class that receives the most points enjoys the trophy in their classroom for the term. We also present pupils with Spanish certificates in assemblies. Each week children are given a new phrase of the week (displayed in class rooms) to practise.  These are posted in the school website for families to practise at home if they wish with their children. 

Far from being a separate subject on the timetable, Spanish is woven into the school’s broader curriculum. It fits perfectly within our school’s international ethos and vision.

These are examples of school menus we sent to our Spanish pen pals to compare differences and similarities with the kind of lunches they have: