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Our Lady Catholic Primary School

Our Lady Catholic
Primary School

Recent reviews & visits to our school

At the time of the last inspection, Ofsted inspectors acknowledged:

“The (new) headteacher and leadership team have an accurate understanding of standards at the school. They are ambitious for the future success of the school and have secured improvements in a short space of time.” Ofsted June 2018

Since that time we have continued to flourish and visitors now comment:

 “In lessons pupils displayed a desire to work hard and to keep up. They collaborated well with each other on their learning tasks. LA review February 2022

 "Pupils are progressing successfully through the curriculum"  
LA review February 2022

"Pupils engaged well in the lessons and are expected to work hard. Well-structured lessons ensured pupils kept up."  LA review February 2022

"Pupils show enthusiasm for their learning during discussions."  
LA review February 2022

"Pupils show a love a reading, even those who find it difficult.”  
LA review February 2022

“Leaders have responded with energy to the areas for development identified at the school’s most recent Ofsted inspection. Strong and impactful leadership has ensured that the school has made clear progress and is securing very effective practice.”
LA review January 2020

Governors understand the community the school serves, the challenges that the senior leadership team have faced in recent years and the rigour of the leaders’ approach to address these issues. Parental support is strong. The school is held in high regard and there is a confidence amongst parents about school leadership.”
LA review January 2020

“SEND provision is high quality, reflecting a recent focus on this. There are many examples where the curriculum is being differentiated appropriately to meet the differing needs of learners and as a result pupils are able to access the curriculum and engage with their learning well.” LA review January 2020

“Strong and impactful leadership has ensured that the school has made clear progress and is securing very effective practice in Early Years”.
LA review January 2020

And the children…

“The pupils are proud of their school and state that they are very happy here. They report that they trust the adults to support them with their learning and with any concerns they may have, as well as trusting their older peers as well.”
LA review January 2020

“Pupils feel that their ideas are valued and as a result they have a deep sense of belonging to the school and of service to others.” Diocesan Inspection May 2019