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Our Lady Catholic Primary School

Our Lady Catholic
Primary School

Tesco Stronger Starts Campaign

Our Lady Catholic Primary School’s application for a Healthy Eating Project is successful and is now in the running to earn funding through Tesco Stronger Starts!  

We are delighted to announce that our application to the Tesco Stronger Starts Campaign has been successful. Our project will be displayed and put forward to a customer vote in Tesco stores and voting will begin from mid-January 2024 and until the end of March 2024. 

Our ‘OLS Healthy Eating Tuck Shop’ project aims to promote healthy eating and snacks to support pupil wellbeing in school, as well improving pupils’ health, as well as focus during the school day.  

The project receiving the highest number of votes within the region will secure £1,500, while the second and third highest will be awarded £1,000 and £500 respectively.

To cast a vote for our project, Tesco shoppers simply need to make a purchase within the store. For each transaction, customers receive a token, which can be used to vote for our project.  

Below are the selected stores you can vote in:  

Broadwater Stevenage - SG2 8DT 

Stevenage Extra - SG1 1ES 

Woolmer Green Exp - SG3 6FP 

Old Stevenage Hi St Exp - SG1 3EF 

 Stevenage Che Ph Exp - SG2 0LU 

 Hitchin St Lyon C Exp - SG4 9SP 

The Tesco Stronger Starts team have also shared with us their do’s and don’ts before and during the voting period: 


- Cast your vote as soon as you receive your token for a project in the current voting round 

- Only submit Stronger Starts tokens to cast your vote 

- Maximise promotion of your project during the voting period by making best use of press and social media guidance 

- Encourage the local community and your supporters to get involved with Stronger Starts voting 


- Tamper with the voting unit (otherwise your project may be void from the vote) 

- Influence customers casting their vote at the voting unit 

- Take more than one token from the self-serve checkouts 

- Encourage supporters to hoard then submit multiple tokens in the voting unit 

- Promote your project in store without permission from the Store Manager 

- Collect Stronger Starts tokens from stores that are not within your region to vote for your project 


Our Lady Catholic Primary School will be utilising social media platforms to showcase our project, to highlight the importance of healthy eating in our school and encourage our local community to vote for our project when the Stronger Starts voting commences. 

As the Tesco Stronger Starts Campaign is soon approaching the voting phase, we would be delighted if our community would consider voting for our OLS Healthy Eating Tuck Shop Project. 

Your votes are crucial in helping our school secure the essential funding needed to promote healthier choices and well-being of our students. So, let us come together and make an impactful difference in Our Lady Catholic Primary School’s journey towards a healthier future and improve our children’s overall focus during the school day. Every vote truly counts, and your support is invaluable!